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For websites

The fewer the number of words, the more important those words are. You only have seconds to capture the interest of visitors to your site and to make sure they read beyond the home page.

Copywriting services Aberdeen Oil CapitalFor company newsletters

There are a number of reasons why companies outsource newsletters. You may not have the personnel to handle it, internal politics may get in the way, or you may simply be too close to the subject matter to be able to produce the desired end product.

For press releases

Canny Communications is not a public relations agency but does know how to write press releases that appeal to targeted media.



Does your copy actually say what you want it to? And is it literally word perfect?

Editing and Proof ReadingThe amount of marketing material (including websites) that contains punctuation, grammatical and even spelling mistakes is quite staggering. It may be that all you need is a fresh, unbiased pair of eyes to look over your copy. If your copy simply needs tweaking, that’s all you will be charged for.